side sleeper pillow

Solution: neck pain;
ear pain; wrinkles...

With its plush bamboo case and memory foam core, The Womfy is the ultimate bed-pillow. When on your side, ears are no longer compressed for hours each night. And its unique concavity is like having little hammocks just for the back and sides of your head. You can even sleep Womfortably on your stomach.

The comfiest, womfiest beauty pillow ever made.

side-sleeper pillow

Up to 100% less compression
on the face and ears.

In a head-to-head, Body Pressure Distribution test, The Womfy destroyed the popular, and actually, better than average, MyPillow's. The results speak
for themselves's here and in the morning mirror.
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Premium memory foam.
Wholly crafted in the U.S.A.

Sleeping with your lobes tucked into The Womfy's ear wells isn't just comfortable. It fosters the kind of spinal alignment that can alleviate neck tension, TMJ, back pain, and may even reduce snoring.
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Don't go another 8 hours without
The Womfy's face-saving comfort.

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