The Womfy is out of business. 

How do I determine which is the best firmness for me?

The medium soft is highly recommended and our most popular item. But if you're one of those people that likes more firmness and less buoyancy; have a particularly heavy head or are accustomed to sleeping on two pillows, you should opt for the medium-firm. Every pillow now comes with a foam riser. The only difference between the medium firm and medium soft is the thickness of this riser. The Soft comes with a 1" riser and the firm comes with a 1.325" riser. By stacking this inside the case, on the bottom, you can make the pillow thicker. What's more, if the firmness isn't to your liking, to exchange is free.

What makes The Womfy a better bed pillow better than the rest?

Pillows shouldn't be square. They should be head shaped. The Womfy is molded to the profile and back of your head, making it exceedingly comfortable for side and back sleepers. The problem with pillows that claim to relieve compression is they become misaligned as you toss and turn. But thanks to The Womfy's comfort ear wells and gradual edge elevation, you're sure to lie in the correct position for maximum sleep health, comfort and no-face-smush comfort all night long.

Why is The Womfy more costly than other pillows?

The Womfy is an abundance of quality for just $79.95(USD). it's crafted from top-quality, viscoelastic memory foam. The custom pillowcase, included with your order, is cut from ultra-soft bamboo jersey that's easily removable and machine-washable. Lastly, having the foam made in the USA was important to us, even though it meant a higher price point.

What are the dimensions of the pillow?

Width: 18inches, Height: 4-6 inches (depending on position) Length: 13inches

Why are there ear holes in The Womfy?

As mentioned above, the ear holes lock you into optimal neck, face and ear compression free and spine-aligned position, which provides the maximum benefit, while unrestricting blood flow to your ears, mouth and face as you sleep on your side.

Has The Womfy been scientifically tested?

In a head-to-head Body Pressure Distribution(BPD) test against an As-Seen-On-TV Pillow, The Womfy's patented, cradle design resulted in a minimum of 25% and a maximum of 100% less side-sleeper compression, depending on which area of the head being compared. Please see the side-by-side scan on the home page to gain a clear understanding of how much more pressure square pillows place on the face and ears, as compared to The Womfy.

How long will it take me to get used to sleeping with it?

If you're like many Womfy lovers, it takes no time to get used to. And will feel it's simply the most comfortable pillow you've ever tried. But during our research and development phase, a few people felt they needed to spend a week sleeping on the pillow before they couldn't sleep without it. We recommend spending the first few nights switching back and forth between your normal pillow and The Womfy. Enjoying longer sleeps with just The Womfy. After a week, you won't want to sleep without it again, guaranteed.

What if I like to sleep on my stomach?

The Womfy's wrinkle-fighting versatility only extends to back and side-sleepers, so if you're a stomach sleeper, you will likely not find The Womfy comfortable. Some do still enjoy The Womfy though by not using it in the traditional way. It's not necessary to use the ear-holes as intended at all times. Sometimes you may find comfort in other positions on the The Womfy and that's ok.

How do I use The Womfy?

Depending on which side you sleep, position your ear in the well closest to the edge. This will place your face in a pressure-free position just off the edge of the pillow.

Any tips on traveling with The Womfy?

Many people report how difficult sleeping becomes when on the road. But taking your Womfy with you is easy. It can be severely compressed into a small, tied-off plastic bag, thereby taking up less room in your suitcase. Once you let it out of the bag, it will go back to its original shape. No matter how much you scrunch it, your Womfy stays comfy. Or simply bring it on-board for added coach comfort.

How do I wash The Womfy?

To wash the custom Womfy pillowcase, remove the covers by folding and twisting the arms one at a time out of the back envelope flap, then machine wash on a delicate cycle. Never wash the foam. It will come apart.

Where is The Womfy manufactured?

The Womfy cases are made in China and the foam is made in the USA. Just outside Grand Rapids, MI to be exact.

What is The Womfy made out of?

The Womfy is made of viscoelastic memory foam. The Womfy is born with a slight odor but this dissipates completely within a week. If the odor persists for more than a few days, please launder the case. Over time, memory foam loses its elastic integrity. If your ears begin to scrape the bottom, it's time to replace your Womfy.

Can I purchase extra pillow cases, and what about colors?

To purchase an extra pillowcase, select extra pillowcase and desired color at checkout. We offer a variety of colors including black, chocolate, pink, purple, slate, and off-white. Please note: extra cases cost $20.

Where, and how, do you ship?

At this time, we are only shipping USPS within the US. If you live abroad or in Canada and really really want The Womfy, please send a note to brendonblake@hotmail.com.

How do I get The Womfy pillowcases on and off?

Change the pillowcase by carefully placing and bending the arms inside the back envelope flap one at a time. Watch this 1-minute video tutorial on putting on your Womfy's case (pillow used in video is a prototype): How to put on a Womfy pillowcase vimeo.com

What are The Womfy pillowcases made out of?

The pillowcase included with your purchase is made out of 80% bamboo, 10% cotton and 10% Spandex. So it's hypoallergenic, ultra-soft, removable and machine washable.

What is your return, refund and cancellation policy?

Despite not being able to resell any part of a used Womfy (returned pillows are donated) we offer a refund of $69.95 to those that aren't satisfied. (All you have to cover is the cost of shipping, one way, plus $10.) Please mail your pillow to Brendon Blake Inc. at 66 West 9th St. Suite 76 New York, NY 10011.

What is the pink piece of foam included with my order?

All orders now come with a foam " riser." The riser comes in 2 thicknesses. The Medium Soft comes with a 1" riser and Medium Firm comes with a 1.325" riser. This is the only difference between these two different orders. The Riser fits inside the stretchable case at the bottom with the larger foam stacked on top of it. This ability to meet the shoulder at a higher position helps get the neck into a neutral position when on your side. That means, your head, neck and spine are in a straight line, which is one more way The Womfy offers a custom-comfort fit.