I thought I would not like it, but I love it, too!

Parkinson's this! It will help you sleep! My husband loves it. He can never sleep well at night, but with this pillow, he sleeps! And the pressure on his face and ears when he sleeps is gone. I thought I would not like it, but I love it too. It is the ultimate pillow for comfort. Well worth the money to get a good night's sleep. - Amamousse 

Good News for Side-Sleepers

This pillow was designed for people who prefer to sleep on their sides. It provides cutouts for both ears (depending upon which side you are sleeping on) and offers "end of pillow" location, allowing your nose and mouth to remain open and able to breath with ease. I love it. - TnTon 

Womfy So Comfortable!

I love my womfy! It just cradles my head and meets my often-sore neck comfortably at the shoulder like it's some missing piece of me finally in place. Very very comfortable and aesthetically pleasing too. It's one of those things that once you see it and get it you think how didn't anyone see this before? Plus it's small enough to double as a traveling pillow. -Robert Priest 

TMJ sufferers rejoice!

As a side sleeper, I used to get earaches very frequently no matter what kind of pillow I slept on until I purchased the Womfy medium density pillow. This pillow has relieved my ear pain caused by TMJ. I found the Womfy very comfortable from the first night I used it. Helping to keep wrinkles away is a great side benefit to me. Also, for the first time in my life, I sometimes sleep comfortably on my back with the Womfy pillow. - Tarheel 

This pillow is more than perfect!

I have searched for years for a pillow that would reduce the pain created in my ear from sleeping on my side. I think I have purchased and returned every pillow on the market and also destroyed a fair number of them by trying to make it work. The added benefit of the anti-wrinkle and no bed head is a plus. Thank you for figuring it out for me. -Mickie Lucas 

My Travel Buddy

Now that I have my Womfy, I can't live one night without it! I sleep soooo much better with it. The added bonus is that I wake up without sheet marks on my face (those are embarrassing!) I bought one for my son after he tried it and now HE's addicted too!! 
- Alex Burton 

Worth Every Penny

It cost quite a lot to get two Womfys to the UK, but they are worth every penny. The most comfortable pillow I've ever had. I suffer from neck and shoulder pain. ...gone, when I use my Womfy; comes back when I don't. Love my Womfy! - Lou Rossatti 

Great Product!

I highly recommend to side sleepers. So comfortable I almost fell asleep trying it out right from the packaging. Better than those cheap store memory foam pillows. I've even forked over cash on a pillow from Skymall and returned it. This one cradles your head and face in its funny looking shape with serious comfort. I never finish a movie in bed anymore and I don't wake up with a wrinkly face. - John Rice 

Most comfortable pillow ever!

I had my doubts about this pillow. I have spent thousands of dollars trying so many pillows throughout my life. Every time I think I find the best one, a few weeks later I get neck pain and fall out of love with my pillow. The Womfy is an interesting beast, but I love it! It is just the right support level, not too firm ands not too soft. It is the right height and doesn't kink my neck when I sleep. When on my back I have great neck support. When I turn my head, my ear easily goes into the ear opening on either side, making it very comfy. When laying on my side, the womfy puts my head ands neck into a nice position. No more sore neck or ears when I wake up. Even though I get really hot at night, I have not had a problem with my head getting hot. This comfy seems to be temperature neutral - no hotter or cooler than any other pillow. I let my husband test this pillow out and surprisingly he loved it. I will definitely be buying anther one of these pillows. I love it!Update: I've had the womfy for about six weeks now. I still love it a whole lot!
- L.A. Vine Voice 

No more looking for the perfect pillow, it's the WOMFY!

I ordered this directly from the website, but I'm looking to get one for a friend. Like most of the reviews.. this is a funny looking pillow. I've spent a lot and time and money on pillows over the years. A lot. I'm sure most you have too. Before I bought this... I looked up countless reviews on countless pillows. I took a chance on this pillow, and I LOVE IT! As far as I'm concerned... my search for a perfect pillow is D.O.N.E. I've had it almost a year and it's still in the same shape, same density as when it was brand new. While I seem to have a short neck and my ears don't naturally fall into the ear cavities... I don't care! My ears are sensitive and this pillow is great even without always getting to those pockets. I feel like I don't toss and turn as much, but when I do I always land in a "good" spot on the pillow. I'm a side sleeper and due to a herniated disc (years ago) I find it painful to sleep on my back. Surprisingly... I find myself sleeping on my back more with this pillow! It is the right density and I think gives my neck, shoulders and head the right support in any position. I really hope this pillow gets the recognition it deserves. It's been a great investment.
- Sharon Shore 

Provides good support to the head while keeping nose and mouth free.

This product is well designed. It has two ear wells in the shape of an oversized ear and once you position your ear in the ear well you get total support for your head with no pressure on your ear. This is particularly helpful if your ear is sensitive to the touch due to surgery inflammation, or sensitive ears. Also the contour of this pillow provides good support to the head while keeping nose and mouth free of obstructions, which makes for easy breathing. The pillowcase is made of material that does not shed lint causing annoying itching. Similar purpose product from Europe costs twice as much. You also get great customer service from the manufacturer. I talked directly to the owner Brendon Blake in regard to ordering extra pillowcases and received great service and professionalism. I highly recommend this product to any one that wishes to relieve pressure on the ear while side sleeping.
- Nick Ricci 

SO comfy!

Since I've had this pillow I sleep so much better and never wake up with a sore neck or ear. It's the best! An added bonus is it makes a great lower back support when you're sitting up reading in bed. - Lauren Hollett 

Most comfortable pillow ever.

I am mostly a stomach sleeper, but usually propped on one shoulder and quite twisted. This puts a lot of pressure on my shoulder and my face. This pillow has completely relieved the discomfortI'd get in my neck and shoulder from other pillows. Because of all the pressure on my face, I have noticed that some of my sleep lines are starting to stick around longer. I was hoping this pillow would help. It does help, but I don't think anything can 100% fix that for someone who practically sleeps facedown. I find that if I flip the pillow over and sleep on the backside, it has mostly eliminated the wrinkles I was getting above my eyebrow on one side. But I still get the lines in other places. I just started using those "smoothies" wrinkle sticker thingies and that has solved the sleep wrinkle problems completely. I am still in love with the comfort of this pillow though. It's probably the most comfortable pillow I've ever owned. I also find myself sleeping on my back more often with this pillow, which is great for the fight against wrinkles. I gave my teen son one of these pillows after he complained about his pillow being too flat. He said he really likes it. - Erika Harrison 

Great for multi-position sleepers

I have an orthopedic issue, which causes neck, and back pain. I'm also a multi-position sleeper. I sleep on both sides as well as my back. I freakin' love this pillow. It's amazing for side sleeping and good for back sleeping as well. I couldn't tell you about the face wrinkles because I've never cared or had an issue with that. However, my ear, face, and jaw are far more comfortable with the pillow and my pain levels have decreased. I'm also having less problems with waking up in the middle of the night because of pain and discomfort. - 'chelle 

Great pillow for sufferers of neck/back pain.

The best pillow EVER! I suffer neck and back pain and have tried many different kinds of memory foam pillows...but this beats them all hands down. I know it's advertised for side sleepers and stops wrinkles but that's just a 'value added' element for me - the main advantage when I got my Womfy is that I got the best night's sleep I'd had in a long time. I don't wake up with neck and shoulder pain any more. And because it's foam, it folds up quite small, so I pack it in my case when I go on holiday - no more tiring neck pain from hotel pillows! A seriously great product. - Picard1109