The Womfy Story

Born to be comfy

As inventor Brendon Blake (pictured above) aged, he started waking up with forehead creases, raising the ire of his Peter-Pan complex. He searched for specialty pillows that claimed to help with this problem. None worked. So he began experimenting with his own design. Cutting up contoured memory foam pillows. 

During an immersive course on Native American spirituality, involving spending a night in the buggy woods with no tent, he decided to "dream in" what would become The Womfy. What followed was much perseverence, continual refinements and a lot of explaining how Womfy rhymes with comfy. 

Eventually he arrived at a remarkable design. Little did he realize that by solving the anti-wrinkle issue, the pillow would address so many other sleep health problems. The best part has been receiving, often moving, rave reviews. And the joyful privilege of being able to put out a product that genuinely improves people's lives, one night at a time.